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Whether you are facing your first DUI offense or are a repeat DUI offender, you will be punished if convicted in a particularly harsh manner. Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious crime, one that can affect your life and the lives of others in severely negative ways. If you or someone you know has been charged with DUI, then most likely you have several questions about the steps you should take and the process that follows. Fortunately, Matthew D Gailey & Associates experienced DUI attorneys can answer your questions with confidence and be your trusted advisor for options you may have.

Severe Penalties for DUI Convictions

The costs associated with a DUI conviction can be troubling however, the best dui defense legal expertise possible can help. If you are caught driving under the influence with any amount of alcohol over the legal Pennsylvania limit of .08, you will be facing the consequences of a DUI conviction. An attorney can help you fight these penalties and possibly avoid severe long-term consequences.

As a repeat DUI offender, the level of severity for these penalties will increase. An expert DUI defense lawyer can present accurate information to you depending on your specific DUI case. A DUI charge is severely punished, but an experienced attorney can lead you through the entire legal process. During every stage of your DUI, an attorney will help you understand what lies ahead and can recommend the best course of action.

“I am sending this letter to you to say how much I appreciated the encouragement and understanding Mathhew D Gailey & Associates gave me. Meeting with me and keeping me informed of the progress, people involved and other issues was comforting to me. It was a very difficult time and it would have been easy to become discouraged but when I talked to you I was able to believe that there is justice when you locate that special person -and that was you.

Your continued correspondence and keeping me informed gave me the hope I needed to continue. I will never forget your thoughtfulness, consideration and encouragement throughout this ordeal. I will keep you and your family in my prayers and know God will bless you for the help and understanding you gave to me and all the others Mathew D Gailey & Associates will help in the future.”


Our experts are here to help fight for your rights after your DUI.


DUI Offenses Are The Common Crime in PA

One of the most commonly committed crimes in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is Driving Under the Influence. There are over 50,000 arrests each year in the Pennsylvania for Driving Under the Influence. In order to achieve a just result for a defendant in this area, an attorney must be well versed in the constantly changing DUI laws.

Certain DUI cases mandate that an attorney be prepared to take a case to verdict during a criminal trial. Other types of cases require making appropriate plea deals with the District Attorney’s office to ensure that a defendant faces the minimum punishment possible. In order to adequately handle either situation, an attorney must be intimately familiar with different aspects of DUI law, namely, scientific evidence concerning inebriation, proper police conduct laws, Constitutional Criminal Defense procedures, any new and significant changes to DUI laws across the country and Pennsylvania, licensing issues and administrative appeals, and numerous other areas. Matthew D Gailey & Associates are prepared to help you navigate this difficult area of the law.

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